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Tree Inventory - Actionable Information for Professionals

Why get a tree inventory? Tree inventories provide essential data to make informed management decisions about a property's tree population. They document details like plant quantities, locations, condition, size, maintenance needs, and more. This information allows for the development of sustainable plans and budgets for tree care.

A Regal Tree and Shrub Experts inventory supplies vital tree knowledge for commercial properties of any size. Data gathered can include species, health, position, risk assessment, pests/diseases, and recommended actions for each tree. To enable proactive care, you must fully understand the tree resources being managed. Our inventories deliver that insight. They also estimate each tree's asset value to help justify and prepare maintenance budgets.

Tree inventories are a great investment for:

Golf Courses



Medical Facilities


An arborist checking on the tree's condition.

Why Get a Tree Inventory?

Budgeting and Planning

Knowing your trees helps you plan and budget your maintenance, pruning, removals, and other care way ahead of time. You'll avoid surprises and spend more efficiently.

Catching Risks

Unhealthy or damaged trees can be safety hazards if they drop branches or fall. Inventories assess each tree's health and stability to spot potential dangers like weak limbs or trunks. This prevents accidents and injuries on your property.

Following Local Rules

Some cities and towns have tree ordinances about like removals, replacements, preservation, and more. Inventories make sure you're playing by the book and avoiding any penalties or fines from the powers that be.

Being Eco-Friendly

Lots of companies prioritize green practices today. Tree data communicates their ecological benefits such as carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and air filtration. That's good info to have for sustainability programs.

Managing the Property

Knowing what tree species you have and where they're located helps owners and managers make solid plans for maintenance, replacements, and landscaping improvements down the road. Trees are assets that boost aesthetics and property value, so it pays to understand what you're working with.

Managing Insurance

Having solid tree risk data can influence your insurance premiums favorably, and shows you're being proactive in your property management.

Tree Inventories – A Smart Choice

Professional tree inventories provide a wealth of useful info to help commercial properties make smart decisions and care for their trees. Looking after your trees pays off in the long run!

When commissioning an inventory, one of the most important steps is deciding what information to collect per tree or site. The data and presentation determine the entire process. Our team works with you to tailor the inventory to your needs and guides you through the project from start to finish.

Multiple healthy trees on a commercial lot surrounding a grass strip.
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Why Our Commercial Customers Love Working with Us

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I have been using Regal Tree and Shrub Experts since our first year in business back in 2012, which is amazing for one reason. I have been through more vendors than I care to admit I hold anyone we work with to the same standard we hold our company to and there are precious few companies out there that can meet that level of customer service. Their communication and reliability are impeccable. For that reason, they are our preferred tree service provider. I can honestly say that Regal Tree and Shrub Experts is the only sub-contractor that we have been using since our inception and there’s a reason for that.

Driven Landscapes

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I am the owner of a very busy landscaping company that does not offer tree services. We needed to partner with a company that provided our customers with amazing quality, professional service, and educated advice. Regal Tree and Shrub was the answer we were looking for! Kevin and his staff have always been there when we needed them to get the job done right and on time. We consistently hear praise from our customers for how nice of a job Regal Tree and Shrub Experts did.

Adam Buckley, A. Buckley Landscaping Inc.

Need a Tree Inventory?

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts are ready to help! Call us today at 774-719-2450 for a full inventory of the trees on your greater South Easton area commercial property! Proudly serving Bristol, Norfolk, Middlesex, and Plymouth counties, Massachusetts, and Providence County, Rhode Island.

Did You Know?

The official State of Massachusetts website has detailed information on all the laws affecting urban and community forestry. Click here for FAQs, resources, and fact sheets for all the tree rules in the Bay State!

Want your city to draft a tree ordinance or urban forest management plan? All of this and so much more is there, just waiting to be discovered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tree inventories give companies important information to help them make decisions surrounding their trees, documenting details such as:

  • Tree type and quantity
  • Locations
  • Condition
  • Size
  • Maintenance needs

This isn't an exhaustive list, but it provides an example of the data that can be used for building sustainability plans, expansion goals, maintenance costs, and budgeting.

Professional Tree Inventories have a number of benefits:

  • They inform long-term planning and budgets
  • Assessment of tree health and risks
  • Aids compliance
  • Determines property value
  • Supports sustainability goals 
  • Enables strategic design
  • Provides historical record
  • Improves safety and liability 

Like any service, tree inventory pricing is dependent on several factors, including the number of trees, the specific information gathered through the inventory, the time needed to complete the inventory, and other considerations.

Call us today at 774-719-2450 for an assessment and quote.

Tree inventories are recommended for a number of commercial entities, including:

  • Retail properties
  • HOAs
  • Schools
  • Municipalities
  • Golf Courses

Each of these is eligible to receive the benefits provided by a commercial tree inventory.

Ready for a tree inventory? Call us at 774-719-2450 to schedule yours today!

Healthy trees on both sides of a curved pathway providing needed shade for people that pass by.