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Tree that fell on a balcony ready for emergency services by Regal Tree.

Emergencies Happen. We're Here to Help.

When severe weather hits, trees can cause big problems. Our emergency tree services get your property cleaned up and safe again fast. Whether we’re dealing with one of our Massachusetts nor’easters or a heavy dumping of winter snow, Regal Tree and Shrub Experts are your go-to solution for emergency and storm damage clean up!

Storm Damage Cleanup

Call us when the unexpected happens!

Fallen trees removed from houses, vehicles, driveways, sidewalks, vehicles, and structures.

Fallen branches, limbs, and debris cleared.

Hazardous hanging limbs safely removed.

Yard debris hauled away so you can start recovering.

Quick Action is Key

Hazardous trees and limbs shouldn’t be ignored. Act fast to avoid additional problems!

Unsupported trees and branches are safety risks.

Loose limbs and leaf debris can mean roof leaks or gutter damage.

Call us 24/7 and we’re ready to address your tree emergency!

Don't wait - further damage can be more costly to repair.

Trust Us - We've Got You Covered!

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Professional crews with tree emergency expertise.

Quick response means quick resolution.

No job is too big - we have all the necessary equipment.


Regal did a great cut cutting down a tree that was hanging over our driveway after a strong storm.  They evaluated the situation and took care of it quickly.  We previously used them to grind a stump on our backyard and they did a great job on that as well.

Brett S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tree emergencies usually involve a tree or branches that have fallen and are blocking a road, driveway, or sidewalk. Other emergencies occur when a tree or limb has fallen on a structure or property or is threatening immediate harm.

If you have a tree emergency, call us at 774-719-2450 for 24/7 emergency service.

Do not attempt to handle tree emergencies on your own. Tree work can be extremely dangerous, and there are many hidden hazards you may not be aware of, no matter how simple a job seems.

If you have a tree emergency, it's best to call a professional tree service to assist you.

We do not work with insurance companies directly. However, we will provide you with all the relevant service paperwork you need to file your claim.

We are fully insured with:

  • $1M General Liability
  • $1M Workers Comp
  • $1M Auto
  • $2M Umbrella

We're happy to provide certificates of insurance when requested.

Yes. Regal Tree and Shrub Experts offer financing options for jobs costing $500 or more. This financing option applies to any of our tree services, including emergency services.

A tree that fell on grass due to storm damage.

Want A Free Quote?

Severe weather can wreak havoc - Don't wait until it's too late. Call our emergency hotline anytime at 774-719-2450 for emergency tree service in Bristol, Norfolk, Middlesex, and Plymouth counties, Massachusetts, and Providence County, Rhode Island.


We'll take care of the damage so you can focus on staying safe.