A House Call for Your Trees

You Get Check-Ups. Why Not Your Trees?

Tree health assessments involve thoroughly inspecting a tree to evaluate its overall wellness. These assessments aim to determine things like a tree's vigor, life expectancy, and any risks it may pose.

Arborist consultations focus heavily on structural soundness since storm damage, pests, and poor health can compromise trees and branches. Compromised limbs or trunks could endanger people or property if they fail, and even without obvious symptoms, underlying issues may exist. Catching problems early often allows us to save declining trees.

During assessments, certified arborists check for signs of decay, cracks, weak branch attachments, pest damage, and other conditions. They can also determine whether stabilization solutions like cabling are warranted.

Arborist consultations can keep trees safe and healthy throughout their lifetime!

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Sonic Tomography - Looking Inside Your Trees

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts are dedicated to keeping your trees healthy, and we believe the best way to do that is by identifying potential tree issues before they become major problems.

As a commitment to proactive tree healthcare, we’re leading the charge in the use of cutting-edge technology for diagnosing tree health and disease called sonic tomography, a process that allows us to see what's happening inside your tree.

We embrace technology, and our sonic tomography service is another example of how we're leading the charge in advanced tree healthcare. We're dedicated to you and the preservation of your trees.

How We Detect Tree Decay Early with Sonic Tomography

Sonic tomography allows our certified arborists to accurately map internal tree decay without harming your trees. This non-invasive diagnostic test detects rot and cracks in otherwise seemingly healthy trees before they become safety hazards. Early detection also increases the chances of saving a tree.

How Does Sonic Tomography Work?

Sonic tomography uses sound wave velocity to find decay and cavities in standing trees. It measures wood density differences to pinpoint damaged areas versus healthy wood. Mapping is guided by external indicators and tapping trees to hear hollows. This minimally invasive approach identifies hidden risks in your trees.

What is the Process for Sonic Testing?

Small sensors called transducers are placed around the tree after lightly tapping insertion points. Transducers record the time it takes sound to travel from each source to surrounding sensors. Data is processed instantly to reveal a tree health profile.

The Advantages of Sonic Tomography for Tree Diagnostics

Sonic tomography comes with numerous benefits that aren’t available with traditional diagnostic methods. Sonic tomography allows our certified arborists to:

Detect issues early - Tests can identify problems before outward symptoms appear. This allows for prompt treatment and a better chance of saving the tree.

Identify specific issues - Diagnostics can often pinpoint the exact problem, whether it's an infection, infestation, vascular disease, root problems, etc.

Provide guided treatment - Understanding the specific issue informs how to properly treat the tree. Targeted treatment is more effective.

Monitor treatment - Diagnostics can track tree health improvements and confirm treatment efficacy.

Provide non-invasive options - Tomography scans avoid injuring the tree.

While external diagnosis and inspection will always play an important part in evaluating tree health, scientific research suggests that the future of tree diagnostics lies with processes that allow a non-evasive look inside your tree.

Want to learn more about this amazing tree diagnostic technology? Check out our blog article featuring sonic tomography here.


Excellent service. We considered three other businesses and are very happy we chose Regal. Good value, prompt, and answered all of our questions. Highly recommended.

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Why You Want Regal Tree & Shrub Experts to Diagnose Your Trees

Advanced technology to detect and address tree issues quickly

Certified arborists on staff for expert analysis

Professional tree service done with honesty and integrity

The best solution, not the most expensive solution

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Need an Arborist Consultation?

Call us today at 774-719-2450 to schedule an advanced tree diagnostics assessment with our certified arborist. We can see what’s really inside your tree while the other companies can only guess!

Frequently Asked Questions

Arborist assessments are a health check-up for your trees and shrubs. During the diagnostic assessment, our certified arborists are able to inspect and assess your trees' health and provide recommendations for continued care to maximize your trees' health.

Call us today at 774-719-2450 to schedule your arborist assessment!

Sonic tomography uses sound waves that are directed into trees to create an image of the inside. The characteristics of the waves and the image they create allow us to assess hidden issues like decay and disease.

The process allows us to look inside your tree for issues in a way that's otherwise impossible and is considered safe for the tree and non-invasive.

The price of this service really depends on several factors, including the number of trees to be assessed and the time involved.

Sonic tomography can save you money in the long run by identifying issues before they become major problems. Additionally, sonic tomography can identify reversible conditions that can help you avoid costly interventions in the future.

Call Regal Tree and Shrub Experts today at 774-719-2450 for an assessment to see if sonic tomography is right for your trees.

Yes. In addition to being the most advanced diagnostic testing method available, sonic tomography is safe for both you and your trees.

An arborist consultation and an estimate are not the same thing. We offer free estimates for general tree work, but we do charge for arborist consultations.

Consultations and assessments by certified arborists go more in-depth than an estimate and require additional time and skill, which is the reason for the cost. However, the cost of the consultation can be applied to any resulting tree work we perform for you.

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