Like It Was Never There

Your Problem Tree - Cut It Down or Leaf It Be?

Trees are often a familiar reminder of home, a dominating landscape element symbolizing strength, security, and longevity. That’s why removing a tree can be a difficult decision for so many homeowners. It’s tough to think about removing something that has been a part of the landscape for so long, something you may even have planted yourself.

But before you make that decision, Regal Tree and Shrub Experts are here to tell you that we'd rather save a tree than chop it down. And if that's what we can do, we will!

A Regal Tree and Shrub Experts arborist uses a chainsaw to cut through a large, limbed trunk from a bucket truck while the top of the remaining tall trunk is secured from the top by a crane's lifting hook and sling.

Do I Have to Remove My Tree?

It might be funny to hear, but we’d prefer NOT to remove your tree if we don’t have to! While there are situations where removal is the best and only practical solution, there are other instances when your tree can be saved.

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts are just that, experts. We’ll determine the best solution for your problem tree and if we can save it, that’s what we’ll do!

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts’ Alternatives to Tree Removal

The certified arborists and expert team at Regal Tree and Shrub will always assess your project to provide the best solution, even if that solution costs less!


This weekend we had three large oak trees cut down. The crew showed up on time, set up, and got right to work! A crane was needed for this job, and Regal did everything possible to protect the grass. They were polite, professional, and took their job seriously! We received many estimates for this job and chose Regal. Highly recommend this company!

Susan F.

Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Unfortunately, despite the best intentions, there are situations when a tree threatens property or is a general safety hazard that needs to be removed. What does that mean?

Trees That Threaten Property

Sometimes trees outgrow their space or their branches and limbs threaten to fall on structures, tear off gutters, or even rip out a window mounted AC unit. Trees can sometimes encroach on utility lines, growing into them or potentially falling on them in severe weather. When a tree becomes a potential hazard and pruning can’t fix the issue, it’s best to remove it before it causes significant damage.

Damaged Trees

Damaged trees are often at risk of failing at any time. Maybe severe weather has compromised its limbs or a lightning strike has burned the trunk and made it unstable. Whatever the cause of the damage, if your tree has become a risk to people or property, removal may be the best option.

Diseased Trees

We can sometimes bring diseased trees back into good health; other times, it may be too late. A diseased tree is structurally unstable and is at risk of dropping limbs at any time. Have your unhealthy trees assessed by a certified arborist to determine the best course of action.

Root Problems

Sometimes a tree’s issues are hidden beneath the surface. A tree’s roots absorb nutrients from the soil and secure it to the ground; however, roots can cause problems you can’t see. Spreading roots can wrap around and damage underground utility lines and even invade and clog plumbing. They can also grow into small cracks in foundations and sidewalks, expanding and causing significant damage.

Don’t Let Your Removal Leave You Stumped

When you have a tree removed, you’re left with a stump. And while Regal Tree and Shrub are experts in all aspects of tree care, no one can cut a tree beneath ground level.

That’s where our stump grinding service comes in. Our stump grinders are powerful enough to handle any tree stump and maneuverable enough to fit in a space as narrow as 36 inches. It doesn’t matter where the stump is, Regals Tree and Shrub Experts can eliminate it and make it look like the stump was never even there!


Why Grind the Stump After Your Tree is Removed?

Aesthetics – Your yard will look better without that unsightly stump.

No Wasted Space – You can resod and grow new grass or plants in place of the stump.

Safety – Not only are stumps a trip and fall hazard, but they invite pests such as ants, wasps, and termites.

Pest Prevention – Dead stumps are a favorite habitat of termites, wasps, and carpenter ants.

Disease Prevention – Tree diseases can infect stumps and then spread to healthy trees on your property.

Regrowth Prevention – Did you know trees can grow back from a live stump? It’s true, and you’ll be left wondering why you had the tree cut down in the first place!

Be sure to let us know if you want us to grind your stumps after your tree removal. Regal Tree and Shrub Experts are your go-to service for tree removal and stump grinding!

Why Hire Us for Your Tree Removal and Stump Grinding?

High-tech equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Our cranes give us access to any stump, regardless of location and accessibility. We can lift our grinders over your house if necessary.

Our grinders are tough enough to eliminate any stump and can go anywhere. Our compact models are capable of accessing openings as narrow as 36 inches.

Certified Arborists and a skilled team to ensure your project is done right.

Professional service with a commitment to integrity.

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Need a quote for tree removal and stump grinding?

Did You Know?

According to Guinness Word Records, the largest tree ever cut down by people was a giant sequoia named General Noble Tree. Cut down in 1892, researchers estimate General Noble stood about 285 feet tall and had a diameter of 19 feet.

There’s no historical evidence of stump grinding, however 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe, but not always.

Many people think that removing a tree that's growing too large or has damage is the only option. This isn't always the case.

We love to save trees when we can. Call us at 774-719-2450 today for a removal assessment. We may be able to save your tree!

Absolutely. The Regal Tree and Shrub Experts professional team has the equipment and skill to remove any tree, no matter how hard to reach.

Whether we need a crane, a climber, or a bucket truck, we've got your removal handled!

Stump grinding is a separate process and not included in the removal. Let us know if you need stump grinding when we schedule your removal. Keep in mind that the stump grinding is typically scheduled for a different time than the tree removal.

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts take extreme care in ensuring your property is left better than we found it. We even put down special mats to keep tire tracks off your lawn.

However, in the event that the unexpected happens, we are fully bonded and insured, including workman's compensation insurance and liability.

No. There is no extra charge for hauling your tree away after we remove it.