Tree Care Done Right

The Right Solution, Not the Most Expensive One

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts isn’t just another tree service, we specialize in all aspects of tree and shrub care for both residential and commercial properties in the greater South Easton area and beyond. We take a pragmatic approach to your tree service needs, making sure the solution we provide is the right one for the job without trying to add on products or sell you services you don’t need.

Regal Tree's Arborist pruning a tree branch while being raised in a bucket.

Your Property is Unique

Our expert team realizes that your property isn’t like anyone else’s. Your trees and shrubs have specific needs, and we’re committed to addressing them with solutions tailored for YOUR property.

Our attention to your needs is what sets us apart from the dime-a-dozen "tree guys" out there. Regal Tree and Shrub are experts in all things tree care, whether you need advice from a certified arborist, tree preservation, tree removal, pruning and trimming, fertilization, pest and disease assessment, or any of the other professional services we provide.

We strive to provide you with appropriate tree and shrub care solutions with unmatched professionalism and integrity. Our team has the training, knowledge, skill, and equipment to deliver the best in the industry customer experience. That’s the Regal guaran-TREE!

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts – The Right Service for You and Your Trees

Residential Services

Tree Removal

With our cranes and climbers, we can remove any size tree safely and efficiently. Tight space? Difficult to access? We've got you covered!

Pruning & Trimming

We offer structural pruning to keep your trees safe, healthy, and beautiful. We also provide ornamental pruning to keep the flowering trees and shrubs blooming!

Pest & Disease

We offer expert assessment and treatment for control of all your Massachusetts tree and shrub pests and diseases. They're no match for our professional expertise.

Mosquito Applications

Don't let mosquitoes and ticks ruin your outdoor time. Our specialized treatments will control these pests all season long!


We address macro and micronutrient deficiencies with treatments that get into your trees fast. Feed your trees for maximum health and vigor!

Tree Recovery Program

Damaged trees? Diseased trees? Pest infestation? Our tree recovery programs can get your trees healthy again.

Lot Clearing

Land clearing for yard expansions, building projects, or any other reason you want your land cleared. Let us create the space for your vision.

Emergency Service

Storm damage? Is a fallen tree blocking your driveway? Has a tree fallen on your house or vehicle? Our 24/7 emergency service is here to ease your mind.

Arborist Consultation & Tree Diagnostics

Our certified arborists can assess your trees and determine the best course of action to keep them thriving.

Structural Support & Safety

We do cabling and bracing work to stabilize and support structurally unsound trees. Whether your trees have been damaged by weather or are recovering from an illness, we can help.

Tree Inventory

Let us inventory the trees on your commercial property to help you plan, budget, manage insurance, value your property, and more. It's a smart decision!


Elevate the aesthetic appeal and value of your investment with our comprehensive commercial tree-planting service!

Commercial Services

We provide the same professional services we offer for residential and more!

Why Should You Choose Regal Tree and Shrub Experts?

You can count on Regal Tree and Shrub Experts to provide you with the most reliable, knowledgeable, and environmentally conscious service available. We pride ourselves in knowing our customers and using our expertise to give them the stellar service they expect and deserve.

What else do Regal Tree and Shrub Experts offer?

Trusted, Insured, & Certified Arborists

We have certified arborists on staff. That means we give you the best service in the industry from experts certified specifically in arboriculture. And we're fully insured for your piece of mind.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates and provide straightforward, transparent pricing. With Regal Tree, you won’t be left guessing what your project will cost. You’ll know before we start!

State-of-the Art Equipment

Our team is expertly trained in the most modern technology in the tree care industry. We’ve got the equipment and skill to take care of your job quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Regal Tree and Shrub Expert's Arborist on a raised bucket pruning some branches off a tree.

We had Regal take down seven trees with several of the trees hanging over our house, shed and fence. They did a great job and cleaned up the yard after their work. Regal had been referred to us and they did not disappoint. They arrived on the scheduled date and finished on time. We'd hire them again.

Russ R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts offer a full site of tree service options from pruning and removal to fertilization, tree preservation, tree pest and disease control, and more. Call us at 774-719-2450 to learn more about our outstanding tree service!

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Need extra time to pay for your project? Ask about our financing option.

We offer free estimates on tree work, but this process is different than a consultation.

A consultation with a certified arborist involves a deeper look into assessing specific tree and shrub issues on your property that can't be covered with a simple estimate.

Due to the in-depth nature of the assessment and the amount of time involved, we do charge for most arborist consultations.

Looking to join the tree service industry? Then Regal Tree and Shrub Experts want to hear from you!

You can find our online application here.

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts provide service throughout Bristol, Norfolk, Middlesex, and Plymouth counties in Massachusetts, as well as in Rhode Island's Providence County.

You can see a list of the locations we service on our Service Area page.

Please give us a call at 774-719-2450 or send us an email:

Our expert staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about our company or the service we offer!

Regal Tree and Shrub Experts wood chipper being used.

Need a Quote for Tree Work?

Need work done in Bristol, Norfolk, Middlesex, and Plymouth counties, Massachusetts, or Providence County, Rhode Island? Regal Tree and Shrub Experts want to hear from you!


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