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The Regal Tree and Shrub Experts Blog is your greater South Easton area source for everything going on in the tree service industry. We’ve got the latest information on pests and diseases you need to be aware of, tree maintenance techniques and equipment, tree-related community events, updates on tree laws in the area, and much, much more. Check it out today!

Spotted lantern fly with dots on its wings and red tinged underneath spreading on tree trunks.

The Top 6 Invasive Insects Attacking Massachusetts Trees

Discover the top invasive insects threatening Massachusetts trees. Learn how to protect your trees from these tiny, but destructive, invaders!
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Mosquitoes both flying and landing on a white screen background.

Professional vs. DIY Tick and Mosquito Control: Pros, Cons & Options

Do DIY tick control methods work? What about mosquito deterrence options? When should you get professional tick and mosquito treatments? Get the facts and win the war on these pests!
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A dormant tree and an evergreen in a snow field in South Easton, MA during a winter day.

Winter Tree Damage in Massachusetts: What, Why & How to Prevent It

Massachusetts winters can wreak havoc on trees. Learn how to recognize and prevent the most common types of winter tree damage, reduce risk, and give your trees the best chance to emerge unscathed in spring.
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Green pine needles on a branch are dusted with white winter snow.

The Advantages of Winter Tree Removals in Massachusetts

Discover the advantages of winter tree removals in Massachusetts. Uncover the unexpected benefits in our insightful article!
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A bolt of white lightning shoots down from the clouds, demonstrating a situation in which tree pruning prevents storm damage.

How Tree Pruning Prevents Storm Damage in Massachusetts

Don’t let your trees fail in severe weather! Learn how tree pruning prevents storm damage throughout the greater South Easton area and beyond!
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A canopy of an oak tree in Massachusetts.

Tree Growth Regulators – How They Benefit Your Trees

Tired of overgrown trees in your outdoor space? Discover the world of Tree Growth Regulators - A sustainable solution for maintaining your Massachusetts trees.
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A large cross-section of a rotting trunk shows the brittle decay inside the tree.

Sonic Tomography – The Future of Tree Diagnostics

Uncover hidden issues and ensure optimal tree care. Discover the secret to healthy trees in the South Easton, Massachusetts area with sonic tomography!
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