Get Your Trees Healthy Again

Don’t Ignore Problem Trees – Restore Them!

Trees can become eyesores or hassles we’d rather not think about. Sometimes we figure they are too far gone to do anything other than remove them. But this isn’t always true.

In many instances, your trees can be restored to full health regardless of the reason for their decline. Here at Regal Tree, we’d rather save a tree than cut it down!

Trees can sustain damage from harsh winds, lightning, diseases, pests, or decay. Construction work in proximity to your trees can damage and compromise root systems. Neglected trimming and pruning can even affect their overall health.

We're arborists, and we believe in tree growth management and recovery. Whatever the cause, if your trees show signs of deterioration, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. Removal isn't always the answer.

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We Can Restore Your Trees

Damaged Trees

It doesn’t matter if it’s storm damage, damage due to accident, pest damage, or any other type. Often, we can get your damaged trees back in good health with restorative pruning, cabling and bracing to add structural support and healthcare options to bring them back to great health.

Pests & Disease

Just because your tree is unhealthy or a haven for pests doesn’t mean you should give up. Pest and disease programs can help almost any tree bounce back. Our monitoring and treatments provide immediate and ongoing support for your trees and shrubs.


Is your tree decaying? It might not be too late. We specialize in state-of-the-art tomography which lets us look inside your tree and investigate the extent of decay. Let us see if we can intervene with our plant healthcare options or structural supports.

Neglected and Overgrown

Sometimes a tree just needs a little TLC to get back in your good graces. Maintenance pruning and the use of plant growth regulators can often get your tree looking great again and keep it from getting out of control in the future.

Why Consider Regal Tree for Your Tree Restoration?

Our expertise comes into play with a customized strategy to address these concerns and restore your trees to their optimal health. Our Certified Arborists are skilled at assessing and diagnosing nearly any tree condition you’re facing whether it’s a pest and disease issue, a nutritional deficiency, or an environmental stressor. So, whether it's the elimination of diseases or the revitalization of root systems for damaged trees, we have an array of solutions that may be able to rejuvenate your trees.

The Regal Tree and Shrub Experts Difference – Our Commitment to You and Your Trees

If you're wondering if tree restoration is right for you, reach out to us today. Often, a targeted approach can work wonders for the health of your trees and shrubs.

Your trees possess a remarkable resilience – they want to thrive! Let our skilled team develop a plan tailored to your needs. Regardless of the circumstances, we're here to devise a strategy that can breathe new life into the trees on your property.

Plant Health Care truck of Regal Tree and Shrub Experts parked on the side of the road with one of their arborists pouring fertilizer on an empty container for usage.

I highly recommend Regal Tree and Shrub Experts! The crew was professional, courteous, and awesome to talk to! It was a great experience, and I loved watching Masters at work! Their knowledge and expertise helped me to go about my day knowing I could trust the crew to take care of everything without any worries!

Donna W.

Are Your Trees Candidates for Our Recovery Services?

Did You Know?

Many trees can be saved using their own biology. Growth regulators are a safe strategy for controlling growth and protecting trees from storm damage and pests and diseases while maximizing flowering and enhancing their natural beauty!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tree recovery is about getting a tree back to optimal health rather than chopping it down. Many trees that seem like lost causes can be saved using our specialized techniques to address their issues.

Numerous tree issues can be solved using tree recovery strategies. These include:

  • Overgrown trees that need some pruning
  • Encroaching trees that need their growth slowed with plant growth regulators
  • Damaged trees that need structural support
  • Decaying trees that need an assessment

Most people don't want to remove a tree when it needs to be done, but they think there is no other option. While it's true that some trees should be removed, Regal Tree and Shrub Experts believe in saving trees whenever we can.

Saving a tree means it can continue to be a part of your landscape, continue to increase your property value, eliminate the need for replacement planting, and be around for you and your family to enjoy for many, many years.

If you want to save a problem tree, the first thing you need to do is get an arborist assessment. Call Regal Tree and Shrub Experts today at 774-719-2450 to schedule your assessment with our certified arborists. We'll let you know if your tree is a candidate for recovery.

Tree recovery services have to be tailored to the specific problem your trees are facing. For example, a tree that can be saved by pruning is different from a tree that needs structural support, which is different from a tree that needs sonic tomography to assess internal decay.

Call us today at 774-719-2450 so we can assess your situation and provide an estimate for our tree recovery service.

A broken branch that can still be recovered if immediate action is taken .