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Tree-quently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our tree service. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive about our expert service.

Not in Massachusetts. We are, however, members of the Massachusetts Arborist Association and the Tree Care Industry Association; we also have certified arborists on staff.

We are fully insured; $1M General Liability, $1M Workers Comp, $1M Auto, and $2M Umbrella. We happily issue certificates of insurance, as requested, to our clients.

Yes, our estimates our free. However, consultation and insurance quotes are not. Please contact our office for a more detailed description.

Yes, we do offer financing through a 3rd party partner. Pending credit approval, a variety of options are available, all of which can be explained in more detail by one of our sales representatives.

We, of course, take cash, checks, and all major credit cards as well.

No. We offer stump grinding as an additional service. This is typically done at a different time than a tree removal job.

We use protective matting when it is necessary to drive across a property or to protect a driveway from heavy equipment. We take great pride in being able to get our equipment in and out of a property with minimal impact.

Yes. Clean-up and disposal of the wood and brush are typically included in the cost of the removal with the exception of trees with a diameter greater than 36 inches. Special requests to ‘leave wood’ for the firewood enthusiast can be made.

Yes and No. We always choose to use ‘Selective’ Pesticides and Horticultural Oil for most of our applications; however, depending on the situation, we will use ‘harsher’ products. Example: Ticks, Scale, and Wood Borers can be very resilient to ‘friendly’ control measures.

We usually do not require much preparation. We sometimes ask to have the lawn mowed, pets cleaned-up after, and any sensitive décor/yard furniture cleared from the working areas.

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