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New articles added monthly! Pest & Disease information you want to know! 

Be the first to know which pests and diseases are coming for your Massachusetts trees! Helpful info on identification and prevention. Stay ahead of pests and diseases all year long!

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Spotted lantern fly with dots on its wings and red tinged underneath spreading on tree trunks.

The Top 6 Invasive Insects Attacking Massachusetts Trees

Discover the top invasive insects threatening Massachusetts trees. Learn how to protect your trees from these tiny, but destructive, invaders!
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Mosquitoes both flying and landing on a white screen background.

Professional vs. DIY Tick and Mosquito Control: Pros, Cons & Options

Do DIY tick control methods work? What about mosquito deterrence options? When should you get professional tick and mosquito treatments? Get the facts and win the war on these pests!
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